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The Art

After moving to the place of her dreams, where she presumed she would be flooded with inspiration, something strange happened. While being in the midst of a beautiful sunset with waves crashing all around is peaceful and invigorating…it is somewhat pointless to paint it. How can one really improve upon it? It's already spectacular. 

As Mel Clarkston walked the beaches, she discovered something that wasn't spectacular - the amount of small plastic debris all over. Little tiny pieces that most people don't even see. So she made it her mission to pick it up. Soon a coffee can was full of plastic bottle caps, straws and styrofoam, and after about a month there was enough plastic to fill a five gallon bucket.

Helping to rid our oceans of plastic through small actions and creating art is Mel's newest love and greatest mission.

Each remnant of plastic has a story to tell. She became fascinated by all of the colors that were available and the different shapes and textures. The ocean can twist thin pieces of plastic into curly-Qs and the sun bleaches other pieces into odd colors! Often, the pieces inform her of what they would like to be transformed into - once, the rubber pattern that came from the bottom of a sneaker became a cactus. A frisbee became the portal window of a ship! The trash and acrylic paint work very well together...As primarily a painter, she had to find a ways to combine these things...the joy and challenge is melding them to a point where the lines are blurred and the viewer no longer sees "trash" but views these pieces as beautiful works of art.

Mean Green Tiki - Mel Clarkston

Where To Be

STEP 1 - Help Clean Up the Beach


Beach clean up

Join us for our Let's Get Trashed "DIG" as we clean up Ocean Beach to turn it into art. We will embark on an archeological dig to find every piece of trash polluting our Ocean Beach, San Diego coast.

STEP 2 - take a class to turn it into art



Take an Art Class with us where you take the trash you collected off of our local beaches and turn it into a work of art.

meet the team



Artist/Activist |
Mel Clarkston Art

Mel is the owner of Mel Clarkston Art as an artist and beach activist. Helping rid our oceans of plastic through small actions and creating art is Mel's newest love and greatest mission.


Jenna Moore

Jenna Moore

Art Enthusiast |
SD Popup Art

Jenna is the founder of SD Popup Art with a passion to serve our artist community by providing opportunities to experience creative freedom through community collaboration.



Gwendolyn Sneed

collaborator |
Blank Slate Studio

Gwendolyn is the owner of Blank Slate Studio salon+art gallery which is a place that brings together all creatives in a space they can call their own.




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